One of the most debilitating aspects of struggling with addiction of any kind is the impact it has on the family, in particular your spouse and the relationship.

If the addiction is sexual in nature, the impact can be even more intense because of the personal and private nature of the addictive behaviors.

Our therapists are well versed in addiction and helping couples restore trust, rebuild emotional intimacy and healing the relationship. With addiction often comes feelings of betrayal on the part of the addict’s partner. These are difficult to handle – often resulting in isolation or anger outbursts or fluctuating emotionality – but are natural, normal and part of the healing process. Intense emotions that go on for months or years are probably not normal – these may be a sign of deeper trauma that needs attention.

Our couple’s therapists work with couples recovering from betrayal trauma and help them recover as a couple, a necessary step to the individual recovery both partners may be doing on their own.

We are often asked, “Is it possible to recover from something like this?” We have worked with many couples who have strengthened their relationships through the healing process. Often, as an addict enters trauma they find a level of honesty and a release of shame that has haunted them their entire life. They are finally able to be fully present and engaged with their spouse or partner, if they are doing the recovery work themselves. This enables them and their partner to begin the journey of a deeper, more intimate relationship than in the past.