The discovery of sexual addiction can leave a couple feeling hopeless and confused about the future of their relationship. We often see couples in early recovery do certain things that can make healing more complicated and painful than it already is.

A group for couples who have recently discovered that someone in the relationship is sexually addicted can address common hurdles that are often present early on.

Our group for couples in early recovery is a short-term group that covers the following topics:

  • The potential risks of disclosing what has happened to others (family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
  • Considerations for talking to children (young or adult children) about what is going on
  • Communicating in ways that can limit additional distress
  • What to expect in recovery
  • Finding support including group therapy and 12 step groups
  • Individual counseling vs. couples counseling
  • Settings boundaries for emotional and physical safety (including sexual boundaries)
  • Is there hope for our relationship?
  • Healthy ways of approaching disclosure of acting out behaviors