People who have worked through addiction and trauma consistently report that group therapy, along with individual therapy, are the two key elements of their recovery process.

Many people who struggle with addiction or recovering from trauma are afraid to go to a group or feel that their situation is different from others and “sitting around whining about it won’t help.”

On the contrary, taking the first step to attend a group can be the most important part of recovery. Whether you’re struggling with addiction or the impact of trauma, joining a therapist-led group and sharing your story with caring, compassionate others is often the most shame-reducing, positive step in taking back control of your life and your self.

Unlike individual therapy, group therapy allows you to give and receive feedback from others, feel compassion and receive grace, engage with others in a safe environment and experience new found acceptance and freedom – often for the first time in a long time or maybe ever.

Aligning with other people who have a similar story and life experience is validating and in many ways empowering. The group therapy experience is one that clients consistently report strengthened them and helped them get on the path to recovery.