There are many approaches to psychotherapy and all have merits and benefits. Our approach is eclectic but generally is based on Attachment Theory.

Since the 1940’s Attachment theory has proposed, studied and researched. Basically, Attachment theory states that all human beings seek the safety and security of a significant other, referred to as an attachment figure. As children, our attachment figure tends to be our primary caregiver, usually Mom. The relationship we have with our primary caregiver sets the stage for how we interact with other people throughout our lives.

In middle school we often shift from our parent(s) to friends or siblings as our attachment figure. Later in life it becomes a romantic interest and eventually, for most of us, our significant other or spouse.

When we have Secure attachment we learn that our wants, needs and desires are valid and those of other people are also valid. Unfortunately, only about 50% of the population enters adulthood with secure attachment.

When our attachment style is insecure, we have trouble trusting other people or ourselves. This may end up in relationship problems, isolation, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, addiction, lack of trust or many other interpersonal and interpersonal struggles.

Our therapists operate on the idea that Earned Secure Attachment is possible, and we help our clients who are insecurely attached learn new skills and approaches to life so that secure attachment is possible and the attachment wounds form a lifetime of insecure attachment can be healed.