Interviews with Dan Gabbert

Counseling & Recovery Partners President Dan Gabbert was invited on “Kansas City Live” with Joel Nichols to speak about sexual addiction. At the time, celebrities like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny were seeking inpatient treatment for being addicted to sex, and Nichols wondered if this addiction is real or if it’s a cop-out for infidelity. Gabbert specializes in sex addiction therapy, and he answers all of the questions surrounding the addiction and what you can do if you think yourself or your partner has an issue.

We Need to Talk About Sex Addiction

Sex addiction affects young and old, rich and poor, male and female. Paula Hall shares what we can do about it, even if we don’t suffer from it ourselves. This talk was given by Paula Hall (UKCP Reg, BACP Acc, COSRT Acc, ATSAC), who has been working in the field of Sex Addiction for over 10 years and is author of Understanding & Treating Sex Addiction (Routledge 2013).

The Great Porn Experiment

Gary Wilson is a host of Your Brain on Porn. Wilson gave this talk at TEDxGlasgow, and in it he asks whether our brains evolved to handle the hyperstimulation of today’s Internet enticements. He also discusses the disturbing symptoms showing up in some heavy Internet users, the surprising reversal of those symptoms, and the science behind these 21st century phenomena.

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