Preparing for your new life together is an exciting time! For many couples taking a few hours to understand what works for us and where we might run into problems is an extremely useful exercise. At Counseling & Recovery Partners, we use the Prepare-Enrich Assessment and individual feedback sessions to explore relationship issues and develop a solid foundation for your marriage. We’ll work with your to identify individual strengths and roles and develop healthy communication processes.

Most arguments in marriage aren’t based on “right or wrong” or “unresolvable issues,” but instead stem from problems in communication. Learning how to communicate in ways that are connecting, loving and create deeper intimacy and understanding is one of the keys to resolving difficulties and staying as connected as you feel today. The Prepare-Enrich process helps you do just that.

The Prepare-Enrich Process Includes:

  1. Completion of the Marriage Preparation Information Form
  2. A one hour initial couple’s session with a counselor – An opportunity for us to meet each other, set goals, learn about your strengths as a couple, complete paperwork and get set up to take online assessment.
  3. Completion of the Prepare-Enrich online assessment – to be completed individually by both partners.
  4. Two additional 1-hour feedback sessions with a counselor to review the results of the assessment, including exploration of strengths and growth areas, and a deeper dive into areas you feel may need additional attention.

Topics Covered in the Assessment

Commitment Relationship dynamics / satisfaction
Communication Styles Conflict Resolution
Family of Origin Social Compatibility
Personality Profile Dealing with Stress
Substance Abuse Finances
Religion Children
Assertiveness Avoidance
Emotional Stability Dealing with Change
Organization Family Closeness

As part of the process, each couple receives:

  • The Prepare-Enrich Couple’s report
  • Couple’s Workbook
  • Facilitator Assessment